Ravi Viswanathan and Chetan Puttagunta

Today, enterprises are faced with the reality that customers want to engage in an end-to-end, cohesive buying experience through the web, across devices and platforms. However, the conventional formula to date has been to build massive marketing operations to create content and equally massive commerce operations to manage transactions. This has created an ecosystem of confusing and fragmented digital experiences that perplexes customers and leads to lost revenue for companies.

Acquia is the enterprise platform that unites content and commerce to enable companies of all sizes to create rich digital experiences across a customer’s life cycle. With the open source technology Drupal at its core, Acquia enables enterprises to not only integrate content and commerce, but also allows enterprise developers to be far more productive and efficient. With nearly 1M members, ~30K developers, and 4K+ customers, Drupal and Acquia are quickly becoming a force in redefining how enterprises manage digital experiences.

Led by CTO Dries Buytaert, creator and project lead of Drupal, CEO Tom Erickson, and a deep team of experienced executives, Acquia has solved the challenge of creating consistent, engaging, and robust digital experience across a growing number of mediums such as: smartphones, tablets, browsers, and desktops. At the same time, Acquia’s platform allows enterprises to dramatically increase innovation and reduce time to production over legacy and proprietary solutions. With its depth of functionality, ease of use, open source development environment, and talented team, we firmly believe that Acquia will become the leader in the $25B integrated digital experience management software market.

We are excited and fortunate to be part of Acquia’s $50M financing today, which will enable Acquia to accelerate its growth, propel the Drupal community forward, and introduce products that will delight enterprise customers. Much like our category defining enterprise investments such as Salesforce, Workday, and Tableau, we’re proud to join a team that is leading the digital revolution.