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AI: Beyond the Buzzword

September 2nd, 2017|WRITING|

By Ravi Viswanathan (published in Silicon India Magazine) Unicorn. Cloud. Wearable. Big Data. SaaS. Internet of Things. These are just a few of the trendy tech buzzwords that have permeated the media, startup pitch decks, and investors’ [...]

Fintech: The Changing Face of Finance

June 2nd, 2017|VIDEOS|

Wearables v2.0

June 30th, 2016|WRITING|

I wrote a blog on my experience with wearables a couple of years ago (My Wearables “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”) - it basically was a lamentation of my journey to find one (or any!) that [...]

Reinventing customer service: the modern contact center

June 21st, 2016|WRITING|

By Ravi Viswanathan and Scott Sandell Frustration. Impatience. Disappointment. Anger. These are feelings associated with a negative customer experience...and the old adage that an unhappy customer complains to 10 others?  No longer true. Thanks to social [...]

Focus on Fintech: The Opportunity to Transform Financial Services

June 20th, 2016|WRITING|

By Ravi Viswanathan and Rick Yang The size of an opportunity has a direct relationship with the potential for outsized returns. Again and again, we’ve seen that the companies with the largest magnitude of success are [...]

Future of FinTech: The Infrastructure Layer

June 17th, 2016|VIDEOS|